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About Colette

Colette is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Reiki & Secheim Master Therapist, a qualified Personal Trainer & a part-time teacher of Home Economics & Religious Education in a vibrant Dublin based school.  She has a passion for all things health, wellbeing & nutrition.  Her holistic approach to health, means that each of her clients receives her individual attention & utmost care.  Her area of expertise lies within female hormones & on empowering women with knowledge on how their bodies are supposed to feel on a physical level but also, emotionally & spiritually.


Life itself is the best teacher, and it was through her own personal health journey in getting to the bottom of a diagnosis in endometriosis, that spiked her interest in health & nutrition even further.  The realisation that good nutrition, the right movement, mindful practices & general wellbeing could help alleviate symptoms empowered her to step forward & share her knowledge & experience with other women.

Since opening her clinic is 2019, Colette has been working one-on-one with clients on all health conditions, from hormonal imbalances, PMS, Endometriosis, IBS, SIBO, fertility & gut issues.  She uses personalised nutritional plans & supplementary advice, along with lifestyle & mindfulness suggestions to help each client reach their goals.  Many of her nutrition clients quite often become reiki clients also.  Her combination & integration of the two therapies, allows her clients to get the most out of the changes they decide to make to their daily lives.


In 2019, I qualified as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, after completing a 3 year diploma in Nutritional Therapy with CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine). This included 1 year of Biomedicine, 2 years of Nutritional studies and a further 200 hours of clinical practice.  During the three years I completed numerous pieces of coursework, research & continuous assessment.  I am also a member of the NTOI (Nutritional therapists of Ireland).  A qualified registered nutritional therapist here in Ireland is someone who holds a minimum of 3 years diploma, having trained & studied in physiology, anatomy, biochemistry & pathology, along with holding a minimum of 200hours of supervised clinical practice.  A part of being a member of the NTOI requires continuous CPD (Continuous Professional Development), ensuring we stay up to date on the most recent research.

In 2008, I qualified with a B.Ed degree in Home Economics & Religious Education, from St. Angela’s College in Sligo.  During my time as a teacher, I have worked within numerous educational settings across the east coast, & have gotten to work with students of all ages, from the young to the old, and those in between, giving me ample opportunity to understand the needs of individuals, families & communities as a whole. Words cannot describe how grateful I am, having had thousands of students come through my doors, to have been able to introduce so many to health & nutrition & in helping to develop culinary skills within each & every one of them.

2011 – I qualified from the National Training centre with a National Qualification in Exercise, Health Studies & Personal Training.  Having always had a keen interest in keeping fit & active, & understanding the benefits of regular exercise, this afforded me the knowledge to understand the needs of each of my clients from a lifestyle perspective & to make appropriate suggestions & referrals where necessary.

2012 – I began my journey into becoming a Reiki & Secheim Master therapist.  Having been both a practitioner & client I have grown to understand & read the needs of each & every one of my clients.  I’m a firm believer, that the only way out is in & in order to become the best versions of ourselves we must be willing to do the work.  Having some help along that road is always going to have a positive outcome.

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