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Lunch Box Guide 

The Ultimate tool to Healthy Nutritionally Balanced lunches for your little one

How many times have you:

  • Stood in the aisles of the supermarket, no list in hand & no idea of what to put in your trolley for the kids lunches? 


  • Been so frustrated & fed up with half eaten or untouched lunches coming home that you have allowed them to decide what they pack?

What if you could help eliminate the stress & panic out of school lunches?

No more:

  • Weekend panic in the supermarket.

  • Frustration at half eaten or barely eaten lunches!

  • Worry at ensuring your child is eating healthy balanced lunches.

How it can help you...

  • The perfect resource for every family with school going children

  • Takes the stress & panic out of planning 

  • Helps to ensure lunches are much more interesting & balanced 

  • Gets the kids involved & encourages independence & life skills

How it works...

  1. After you have purchased your lunch guide, You will need to download & print out your planners & infographics.  I encourage you to laminate each of these & reuse every week - invest in some white board markers.

  2. Familiarise yourself with the content of the guide.  Adapt it to suit the needs of your family - prior to planning lunches with your son/daughter plan breakfasts & lunches for the week beforehand.

  3. Choose one evening a week to plan your weeks lunches.

  4. Set aside 20-30 minutes each evening to prepare lunches with your son/daughter.

  5. Print your resources & planners & pop them up were they are visible for all to see.

  6. Bonus - you have recipes to try change things up from your basic lunchbox sandwich & resources to help your son/daughter understand some basic principles of nutrition. 

The Benefits!

Save Time

As you encourage the kids to get involved you will pass the task of lunch prep onto them.


Encourages & promotes independence within your child through their food choices.

Confidence & Reassurance

Instils confidence in your child & reassures you they are eating healthy balanced meals.

Develops life skills

as you encourage your child to become involved & assign them lunch prep tasks, these culinary skills will stay with them.

Save Money

Planning will help reduce food waste & as a result reduce food costs.

What's Included??

Sanwich Builder.png
Salad Builder-4.png

All for only €9.99

(usual price €25.99)

Have any questions? Need some help?

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  • Infographics to help speed up lunch planning 

  • Templates to aid meal & shopping plans 

  • The do’s & don’ts of lunchboxes 



  • Over 20 easy recipes to use as part of everyday lunches 

  • Understanding nutrition - simple infographics to use with your son/daughter to introduce them to the world of nutrition 

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