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Templates to help keep you on track! 

Meal planning & meal tracking is a great way to help keep you on track & reach goals.

There are so many advantages to meal planning - & something having it written down (rather than just in your head) your goals tend to be more attainable & successful.


Why should you plan your meals?

- meals are more nutritionally balanced 

- reduces cost & waste!

- saves time 

- leftovers can be used wisely & not sent to the bin

- less reliance on take-aways, ready made meals etc.

- menus can be varied from week to week to add variety 


Why should you track meal habits? 

- finding yourself binging late in the evening after a day of staying on track?

- are there triggers in your life that make you eat based on how you're feeling?

- are you just not reaching your goals?

- have you food sensitivities or triggers that you can't get to the bottom of?


If you've answered yes to any of these - maybe tracking your food is a great place to start!  Find out if your food intake is down to;

- habit

- emotions/feelings (cravings)

- underlying health issues 

- your surroundings 

Meal Planning & tracking

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